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Welcome to Excess Club

Excess Club is an exclusive BDSM club located in Copenhagen, Denmark since 2006. If you are of legal age in your country, please read the following abbreviated version of our Danish website to learn more about us.

What is Excess Club?

Excess Club is private BDSM club where people who enjoy BDSM, fetishes and erotic dominance can meet in an intimate atmosphere free from prejudice. Excess Club is a members-only club where BDSM players meet and enjoy erotic experiences and explore their kinky fantasies in an atmosphere of safety and respect. The club has a sexy and stylish ambience that encourages play, friendship and flirting, intense dominance and extreme passion.

We are located in outer Copenhagen, in 200 square meters playrooms including a lounge area, a separate smoking area, dungeon area, a more private room and lots of equipment and bondage options.

Membership is selective; you have to go through our application process (see below) to ensure sincerity, security and compatibility with the ambience of the club. 

Who are the members ?

Excess Club has members between the ages of 18 to 70. We all love erotic dominance and the journeys into domination and submission. Some members are very experienced and some are newcomers who have only played privately. Some define themselves as Queer, Swingers or Fetishists while others see themselves exclusively as BDSM players. Some are heterosexual, others identify themselves as bi-, homo-, pan-sexual or queer.

Who can apply to Excess Club?

• Everyone over 18 years of age can apply for membership 

• All genders: men, women and transgender  

• Dominants, submissives and switches

• Singles and couples

You must have some experience and grounding in BDSM to become a member. Write us and ask if you are in doubt. Please note that Excess Club is only looking for members who will visit the club regularly – and the application process can take some time – so casual travelers or tourists may want to look at other clubs.

What is the difference between Excess Club and other BDSM clubs?

Here are a few key words about what we think we offer that is different.

• Exclusivity: Excess Club doesn’t accept everyone as members. We think it is important that all new members are committed to the values described in these pages. You can’t just come in off the street and join.

• Confidentiality: Excess Club sets high standards for discretion; gossip and intrigues are not allowed.

• No prejudices: In Excess Club there is no right or wrong way to practice BDSM. Our members are all different and include dominants and submissives, switches and bisexuals, each with differing types of desires – but all enjoy playing games of dominance.

• Non-commercial: The cost of membership is the same for all and all those who help with running the club do so voluntarily.

• An intimate environment: In Excess Club we meet each other as people and know each other by our first names, not nicknames or chat-names.

• Dresscode: Excess Club expects members to dress in such a way that they contribute to the erotic mood.

All clubs are different – choose the one that suits you best!

What is the dresscode?

Everyone should make an effort to get dressed up. It doesn’t have to be hardcore fetish or BDSM gear (although of course you are very welcome to!), but you should not come in “ordinary” clothes, towels or sandals.

Excess Club welcomes:

• Classic evening dress, suits, ladies in evening dress • BDSM gear 

• Leather, PVC, rubber

• Chains 

• Uniforms (erotic) 

• Anything erotic – or nothing (come naked)

What sorts of actvities does Excess Club have?

Excess Club has kinky club nights every week. Most evenings are open for all members, with or without a special theme. Other evenings there may be special events and ritual evenings.

Here are a few examples from the kinky calendar: 

• Japanese bondage – lessons in how to do it and bondage games

• Domina events – slaves serve the all-powerful goddesses

• Film screenings – films with S&M themes to stimulate…

• Control Night – a special group BDSM event where submission is absolute…

• Phallic Feasts – sexually submissive women live out their fantasies with a group of dominant men 

• Rubber Workshops and Masterclasses, sharing and teaching kinky arts and crafts 

• Excess evenings – lounge atmosphere with chat, flirting and the unforeseeable… • Gummi Galore – The more rubber the better

• Fetish events, parties with special dresscodes, e,g, uniforms, boots and/or strap-ons…

• … lounge nights, other theme evenings and much more…

What does membership cost?

Membership subscription is DKK 235 per month, but if you live outside of Sjælland/Zealand, the fee is half price. We pay quarterly in advance.

Prices in the bar are kept reasonable. Activities are mostly free, although there may be a fee for some special events. No one earns any money from Excess Club. All genders pay the same amount.

How do I apply for membership?

If you like what you have read on this homepage and you are over 21 years of age, then you are welcome to apply for membership!

In your application you should describe yourself and some of the thoughts and experiences you have in relation to BDSM. You can also, if you wish to, write about what you hope to experience in Excess Club and if you know someone who is a member of Excess. If you are a couple applying together, remember to describe yourselves both as individuals and as a couple.

If it is difficult to get started, then you can use the following questions for inspiration:

• Yourself: your age, gender and job. Are you in any form of relationship? 

• Your experience of BDSM: What have you done? Are you dominant, submissive, switch or perhaps a little undecided? Have you been active at, for example Manifest, on-line networks or other clubs? You can also refer to BDSM profiles on other sites

• Fascination: What especially turns you on, for example Japanese bondage, breath control or anal sex? 

• The future: Is there something in your sex life that you hope the future will bring? And what do you hope to get out of being a member of Excess Club?

We know that it feels a bit indiscreet to have to expose yourself in writing to someone you don’t know. But it is important for us to know a bit about you in order to screen applicants.

A small group of Excess Club’s members are entrusted with the job of receiving enquiries and applications. Everything that you write will be treated with 100% confidentiality and respect. If you have any questions or feedback or if you wish to apply for membership, write to us at

What is the intro procedure?

Once we have received your application we will reply, possibly with further questions. We aim to reply within a couple of days after receiving your application. Excess Club is an exclusive club and so not everyone can be a member. Some will receive a provisional acceptance, others a thank you for applying.

If your application receives a provisional acceptance, then you will be invited to an intro meeting. Here two hosts from Excess Club will tell you a little about the club and will want to hear about you. There may be up to eight applicants at such an evening, which is informal but confidential. Within a week of the meeting you will get a final answer.

Please note that the introduction procedure is mutually confidential. We accept your information with complete security and respect and we expect the same of applicants. Remember also that you may receive a friendly rejection and that because such decisions are often made intuitively, we can’t always give specific reasons.

Through these procedures, we aim to create an exclusive, intimate and secure club, which we are delighted to share with others – to flirt, for friendship and exciting BDSM.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Excess Club